Understanding third party contracts is the key to…

Understanding third-party contracts is the key to knowing where the tax-payers money is going! Once you understand that these companies put in tenders and get the contract (witness G4s) and others such as “Capita” then they can use their agreed grant in which ever they like! This then allows them to divide up the money, with the great portion given to themselves, and utilising the balance usually 60/40 in favour of themselves, but can be as high as 70/30 in some cases! The benefit to any government as it was to the bankers is that they carry no blame and can pass it on to the third party contractor, as they did with the G4’s debacle on the Olympics. Thus they look squeaky clean and if the third party screws up they can get another to take over the contract, making them look like they care ,when in fact they do not give a dam. Also as contract pricing is done by their departments ,they can save money and hide where they put it!
I have been studying these contracts for many years and this is the latest way governments, companies and countries pass the buck!
The fact that keeping their promises does not come into the agenda, maximising profit as a private company is what this is all about!

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