#AceFinanceNews – CALIFORNIA:Jan.05: A judge has ordered a California lawyer to pay four prominent non-profit groups, including Doctors Without Borders, a total of $4.3 million for using “undue influence” in arranging to inherit money a client originally meant to leave for charity.

The ruling last week by San Diego Superior Court Judge William Nevitt capped a four-year fight over the estate of Siv Ljungwe, a retired California schoolteacher who, with her husband, had accumulated real estate worth millions of dollars.

The judgement against her San Diego-area lawyer, Carl Dimeff, is to be shared evenly by Doctors without Borders, the National Public Radio Foundation, the United Nations Children’s Fund and the San Diego State University-based public television channel KPBS in accordance with Ljungwe’s 2004 trust.

Dimeff told Reuters on Thursday he would appeal against the ruling, saying he did not know Ljungwe had shifted her assets to him until after her death. He said he distributed $400,000 to the charities while settling the estate.

The 35-page judgement against Dimeff, first reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune on Thursday, was issued Dec. 23.



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The Difference Between Profit and Prosperity Is Just One Word

I heard an amazing comment the other day from an investment broker dealing in the corporate bond market, that sums up this world into a cocked hat! It was we have always been able to borrow from the debt mountain for years, now suddenly it has become more difficult! Any country trading on debt will accumulate profit, but any country trading on providing for the peoples needs, will become prosperous! One word a different strategy, one is based on capitalism and the other is based on sharing of the countries wealth!

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