CNR net Beijing on September 10 message according…

CNR net Beijing on September 10 message, according to Voice of China “News” reported that “the Chinese government’s response to hefty fines, GSK may withdraw from China.”
  Media reports said the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline executives said GSK executives in China are involved in economic crime investigation, the company faces a hefty fine of up to 20 billion yuan and an increasingly difficult business in China, Gülen Su GSK is considering to withdraw from China. But this morning the British media also reported that GSK denied previous reports.
  Aspect Comment: left, 20 billion fine captive; away, a huge asset difficult discarded. True to exit or create a gimmick, GlaxoSmithKline snake oil medicine has long been exposed. Market never believe in tears, a crying two busy three hanging unworkable before the law, foreign companies have no privileges. We advise one, illegality must be punished, truly repentant to re-start.

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