` Unified Shipbuilding Corporation has struck a deal on a `Salaried Project ‘ with ` Russian Bank Rossiya ‘

#AceFinanceNews – MOSCOW, March 21. – The Unified Shipbuilding Corporation has struck a deal on a salary project with bank Rossiya, the press service of the Unified Shipbuilding Corporation told Itar-Tass on Friday.

In March 2007 Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to prepare a draft decree on creating the United Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK)

The presidential administration is to participate in this work aimed at “legal registering the decisions which we had coordinated”.

The chairman of the government Michael Fradkov was personally asked to supervise staff support for these plans. On 22 March 2007 President Vladimir Putin signed decrees on the establishment of the United Shipbuilding Corporation.

Similar to the pattern laid down by aviation builders, the state run businesses will unite in the form of non-commercial partnership.

But while OAK was and remained a leader among Russian military exporters, OSK would concentrate first of all on the domestic market and civil products.

The newly established “United Industry Corporation”, State-owned Shipbuilding Group was seen as one of the main cornerstones of Russia’s future shipbuilding industry.


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` Vladimir Putin is to Open a bank account with ` Rossiya ‘ and Chechen Leader Kadyrov follows Suit ‘

#AceFinanceNews – Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to open an account in Russian bank Rossiya which came under US sanctions.

Putin has made a statement at a meeting of the Russian Security Council after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s report on introduction of US sanctions against Russia.

“As far as I understand, this is a middle-size bank,” Putin noted. “I do not have an account there, but I will compulsorily open an account there on Monday,” he pledged.

MOSCOW. March 21 (Interfax) – Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has ordered the opening of an account with Russia Bank included in the United States’ sanctions list.

“The decision over the sanctions with respect to the bank shows it is a reliable bank, if the U.S. does not like it. So I’ve ordered an account to be opened with the bank immediately to have my salary transferred to the card,” Kadyrov wrote on Instagram.

The Chechen leader also said he decided to offer to the bank’s top management to open a branch in his republic.

“I am certain Russia Bank, of which few have known until recently, will see its business perk up,” Kadyrov added.

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` Russian Bank is named as ` Bank Rossiya ' the US Treasury has Confirmed '

#AceFinanceNews – Moscow – March 20. – Russian President Vladimir Putin, – A White House official said the latest wave of US sanctions targeted 20 Russian individuals with interests in the Crimea.

The Russian bank being targeted – for supporting government officials – is Bank Rossiya, the US Treasury said.

Background : Bank Rossiya – Rossiya is a universal financial credit institution offering a full range of banking services to corporate and private clients. As one of the first Russian private banks in 1990 of Rossiya multiplies its assets and liabilities are made on time to customers.

Since the foundation of the activities of Rossiya aimed at supporting enterprises major industries.

The development strategy of the Bank, on the one hand, combines intelligent and time-proven conservative, and on the other is the flexibility in fiscal policy, timely and large-scale development of new products and technologies.

The Bank is always committed to the principles of maximum efficiency of the business, carrying out strategic investments in various sectors of the economy. To date, the banking group is the most dynamically developing SOGAZ Insurance Group, a group of leasing companies Zest, National Media Group, which includes REN-TV, TRC 5th channel and of Channel, a number of service companies.

Among the 20 individuals facing sanctions are members of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. March 20 – 17.57 GMT – http://wp.me/p165ui-4r0

They include his chief of staff Sergei Ivanov and wealthy businessmen Arkady Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko.

Those targeted will be unable to make transactions in dollars, will have any assets in the US frozen and will be barred from doing business in the US.


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` Crimea’s Pensioner’s get their `Pension’s ‘ raise to resident’s of `Russian Federation’

#AceFinanceNews – Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed Labour and Social Protection Minister Maksim Topilin to raise pensions of Crimea’s residents to the Russian level.

“All citizens of Russia should be put in equal conditions,” he said on Wednesday.
At the moment, Crimea’s pensions are two times lower. There are 677,000 pensioners in Crimea and Sevastopol.

On Tuesday, Russia signed the agreement on the accession of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.


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