Alexei Bazhanov: Placed on the ` International Wanted List ‘ by Tverskoy Court ‘ in Moscow ‘

#AceFinanceNews – MOSCOW – March 24 – Former Russian Deputy Agriculture Minister Alexei Bazhanov is placed on international wanted list. Tverskoy court in Moscow said this on Monday at hearings of
Bazhanov’s absentia arrest for embezzlement of more than 1.1 billion rouble credit that Russian agricultural bank Rosselkhozbank gave to refined sunflower oil-producing holding Masloprodukt.

“At first, Bazhanov was put on the federal, then on international wanted list,” his lawyer said at the court session.

The detective asks to sanction absentia arrest of Bazhanov who escapes justice outside Russia.
For his part, the lawyer of the former senior official asks to satisfy this request, because she finds it illegal and groundless.

The lawyer also attached to case files medical documents saying that Bazhanov is undergoing treatment abroad.

Bazhanov is a defendant in the criminal case over embezzlement of 1.1 billion rubles of state funds belonging to Russian largest leasing company Rosagroleasing.

Three criminal cases merged at the trial are being investigated against the former senior official.

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Shops and Supermarkets in `Crimea ‘ prepare for ` Change-Over ‘ to the `Russian Rouble ‘ on March 24 ‘

#AceFinanceNews – SIMFEROPOL,- March 23 – Shops in Crimea are getting ready to change over to pricing in Russian roubles after but some retailers will be unable to do it as of Monday, March 24 because of technicalities.

An Itar-Tass reporter could see it while making a tour of several supermarkets in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

Labels with dual prices have appeared in some department stores. The prices in Ukrainian hrivnas as converted into roubles at a fixed exchange rate of 3.8 roubles per one hrivna.

Shops of the Epitsentr hypermarkets of construction materials and household appliances are distributing leaflets that say ‘Some prices in roubles and hrivnas’.

However, dual prices have so far been appointed for the commodities of 1,000 and more hrivnas apiece.

Along with it, neither cashiers nor managers at an Epitsentr hypermarket in Simferopol were able to tell whether the transactions in roubles would begin Monday – the day on which the rouble would become the official monetary unit in Crimea.

“At this moment, our cash registers are aligned to pricing in hrivnas,” a manager told Itar-Tass.

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1. 20 March – `6.22 GMT – #AceFinanceNews – The Russian rouble will officially adopted in Crimea on March 24, Crimean State Council (parliament) Chairman Vladimir Konstantinov said on Thursday, March 20.

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#AceFinanceNews The Russian rouble will officially adopted in…

#AceFinanceNews – The Russian rouble will officially adopted in Crimea on March 24, Crimean State Council (parliament) Chairman Vladimir Konstantinov said on Thursday, March 20.

“The rouble is already here.

All operations will be carried out in roubles from Monday March 24 .

Payments, pensions and salaries will be paid in roubles,” he added.

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#AceWorldNews The Crimean parliament has announced the Russian…

#AceWorldNews The Crimean parliament has announced the Russian Rouble will become the second official currency of Crimea and will be circulating alongside the Hryvnia until it is withdrawn in 2016.


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AceFinanceNews SIMFEROPOL Crimea has announced the Russian rouble…

AceFinanceNews – SIMFEROPOL – Crimea has announced the Russian rouble its official currency, which will be in circulation along with the Ukrainian Hryvnia until January 1, 2016.

Crimea will also temporarily use Ukraine’s Budget and Tax Codes pending the adoption of its own budget and tax legislation. Tass


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#AceFinanceNews SIMFEROPOL The referendum to be held in…

#AceFinanceNews – SIMFEROPOL,- The referendum to be held in Crimea on March 16 will have to decide whether its residents want to join Russia to stay within Ukraine.


Dual currency circulation of the Russian rouble and the Ukrainian hryvnia may be introduced in Crimea (autonomy within Ukraine) for a transitional period already next week, March 18 or 19, if the decision is made to join Russia, Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said Aksyonov also said that residents of Crimea would be able to keep their Ukrainian passports if they acquire Russian citizenship upon accession to Russia. “Dual citizenship is not prohibited in Russia,” he said.

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