` Report from ` Bristol University ‘ says the World Bank’s Poverty Line of $1.25 is too Low and Artificial ‘

#AceFinanceNews – April 11 – (RT) – The current international poverty line of $1.25 per day used by the World Bank is “too low” and “artificial,” say researchers from Bristol University, adding that the total number of poor people worldwide would increase by 30 percent in future.

The World Bank’s “estimates are flawed” as the organization has not used “different poverty measures” and only explores one angle of the problem – financial, says the study, called “The mismeasurement of extreme global poverty: A case study in the Pacific Islands,” published in Journal of Sociology.

“There is considerable controversy surrounding the ‘dollar a day’ measure used to monitor progress against the Millennium Development Goals,” adds the research, which was carried out together with specialists at the Australian National University, UNICEF Pacific and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

“Thus, the tighter definition of poverty used by the World Bank tends to lead to a better-looking poverty trend, because the poverty line is too low the trend it reports is too rosy,” adds the study.

The paper urges the World Bank to examine “non-monetary forms of disadvantage and deprivation for families, adults and children.” Researchers looked deeper at those living on the Pacific island state of Vanuatu by taking into account shelter, sanitization, water, information, nutrition, health and education to build up a more comprehensive picture of poverty, deprivation and inequality.

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` Fifty Million Americans live in Poverty even though they receive Benefits’ the Year 2013′

#AceFinanceNews says that `Fifty Million Americans’ are living in poverty, even with benefits, it’s even higher – NOW! Mr Obama!

Published time: November 07, 2013 22:51
Edited :March 01 2014 20:50

Families search through shoes donated by Crocs at a distribution site for Feed The Children (AFP Photo / Scott Olson)

Families search through shoes donated by Crocs at a distribution site for Feed The Children (AFP Photo / Scott Olson)

Almost 50 million Americans are suffering financial hardship, and the situation is not improving, the US Census Bureau has found, using a sophisticated measurement of poverty that takes into account benefits, necessary spending and geographical location.

Unlike the official poverty threshold, which counts anyone who earns less than three times the cost of the minimum food diet – or $23,050 for a family of four in 2012 – as poor, the supplemental poverty index is more sensitive and accurate.

A family of four living in rural Kentucky without a mortgage, for example, would actually need to earn less than $18,000 to be poor, while the same family living in San Francisco in mortgaged house would need more than $35,500 to get by.

Image from census.gov

Image from census.gov

According to the supplemental poverty measure 49.7 million Americans can be classified as poor. The results show that even more Americans are in distress than the raw official figures show. The official survey, also published by the US Census Bureau in September, reported that 47 million Americans are below the poverty line.

The percentage of those suffering poverty remains virtually unchanged from 2011 and 2010, and is worse than that in 2009.

The worst affected are Blacks, Hispanics and those born outside the US (which may overlap the other two categories) – of these minorities just above a quarter are living in poverty. Worst off are non-citizens, who do not have the rights or the know-how to receive support from federal programs.

When factoring in expenses, the states with the least poverty are Iowa, Wyoming and Minnesota, and those with the highest proportion are DC and California, where nearly 24 percent of all people are below the threshold.

The survey also demonstrates who is most dependent on government aid, and would be confined to financial hardship without it.

Those 65 and over have a supplemental poverty rate of 14.8 percent. But without Social Security more than half of them would be destitute. Official statistics show that less than 10 percent of this group is poor – but taking into account heavy out-of-pocket healthcare spending, which the survey does, means this group is under more financial pressure than it appears .

The situation is reversed on the other side of the age spectrum. Official statistics show that more that more than 22 percent of under-18s are suffering from poverty, but the more sophisticated statistics that include tax credits, show that the number is around 18 percent. 

Image from census.govImage from census.gov
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Just listening to the latest pod cast from…

Just listening to the latest pod-cast from the Guardian Poverty Action Development outlook! The main and over-riding facts discussed were the way large corporate companies look at poverty as trade! The sheer fact that at all these meetings including the G8 Summit those that attend are interested in furthering trade contracts, whilst people starve!

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