True Cost Of The Olympics

Britain - spy nation

Britain – spy nation (Photo credit: Clive Power)

Stratford in east London, near the Olympic park, has undergone a massive investment drive to pretty it up in time for the Games, and now boasts Europe‘s largest shopping center. But the regeneration of one of Britain’s poorest areas threatens to leave long-time residents out in the cold.

The true cost of the Olympics is not yet known but working on the basis of extra troops, accommodation for extra people and those little extras you just have to add! We will be looking at a bill to the taxpayer of say upward of £18 billion with the original estimate of £2.9 billion! All that aside when it is all over and the last flame has been extinguished what will they do with all that costly building works! Will they reward the area with low-cost housing! NO! This is their plan for the future of the Olympic village!

Thousands of new apartments were built for the Olympic village and next year there will be 2,800 flats for sale. But with entry-level prices of 250,000 pounds ($388,000) for a three-room apartment on High Street, they are un-affordable for the vast majority of people in Newham.

Provide the rich with affordable houses built especially for them! Interesting to see what rental charges will be made by the purchasers!

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Can LOCOG Uphold The Ruling On Photos


As everyone is now aware the latest ” LOCOG” ruling relates to anyone taking photos on their mobile phones while they are attending the games, cannot upload them to Twitter or Facebook!

Firstly this in my personal opinion takes away our so-called ” Free Rights ” as any photograph on your phone is yours by the fact of ownership or as it is written ” The new legislation would effectively shift ownership of photos, videos and messages to users, granting them the “right to be forgotten.”

Meaning simply –

That sites like Facebook would not only be required to close an account when requested, but also to package and return photos and messages to the user before deleting any trace of them from their own servers.

Victoria Reding EU Commission says the reforms would harmonize 27 national laws across the Euro zone and give social media users control over how their data is being used, but players in the social media industry are incredulous, objecting both in principle and practice.

So it is still wide open to who really owns your photographs on any social media site.

The question is can LOCOG uphold this ruling if no law has been passed to say who really owns the social media, you ” freely without payment” upload to your social media site?

I would like to thank a fellow

European Commission and EIROforum pledge to ex...

European Commission and EIROforum pledge to extend collaboration (Photo credit: European Southern Observatory)

WordPress website for their information that was utilised at should you like to read more on this subject.


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