` Suspect in Embezzlement at Defence Ministry Remains Under House Arrest '

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 25 – The Moscow city court on Tuesday has approved as legitimate the remand sanctions against Yevgenia Vasilyeva, a suspect in embezzlement at the Defence Ministry, who will remain under house arrest until July 23, the Moscow city court ruled.

The court held hearings into Vasilyeva’s complaint against the sanctions in her absence because she preferred not to attend the hearings into her own complaint.

During the hearings Vasilyeva’ s lawyers backed her complaint and asked to repeal the remand sanction against Vasileva as “unsubstantiated and illegal”.

Investigator Igor Pavlovsky objected, citing Vasilyeva’s previous attempts “to put pressure on witnesses”.

Softer sanctions against Vasilyeva might enable her to continue exerting pressure on the witnesses, Pavlovsky said.

The term of an investigation into Vasilyeva’s case was extended until August 8.

She was implicated in 12 episodes of embezzlement connected with illegal sale of real estate belonging to the Oboronservice Company and illegal appropriation of its funds.

The Head Military Investigation department claims that Vasilyeva’s crimes inflicted losses worth more than three billion roubles.

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