Special Offers Are Not As Special As You Think

English: Frame of an animation by the U.S. Fed...

English: Frame of an animation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/ecards/phishing/index.html intended to educate citizens about phishing tactics. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 9,282 refund checks to consumers who were deceived by false promises that they could earn real income if they bought and followed the “Stefanchik Program” to buy and sell privately held promissory notes and mortgages. The FTC alleged that claims made by John Stefanchik and his company, Beringer Corporation, were false and unsubstantiated, and that most consumers made no money at all. The refunds are a result of a court settlement resolving a money judgment against the defendants.

More than $855,000 is being returned to consumers; each payment will be $92.16. Consumers who receive the checks from the FTC’s refund administrator should cash them within 60 days of the date they were issued.

This article provided by the FTC started me thinking about HOW and WHY people click links and sign-up to what seems impossible, on the face of it!

My conclusions were quite revealing as in most cases, people l spoke to say! ” Well it might have been true and l could have made a lot of money! The key reason people apply for any special offer ” It might have been true” but dig a little deeper and you find out that it was only a hope!

I have received a lot of ” Special Offers” look at where they are from and Google website details or even their email in some cases and check it out! Everyone is either offering at a cost per month to give you the perfect way to obtain, information on HOW to make money online!

In fact the only people l have found that make money are those that charge you $79.95 per month and you get a FREE DVD well how can paying $79.95 per month be FREE? So the truth is we BELIEVE what others tell us and we WANT it to make us millions!

REMEMBER: Google AD Words make Google more than you make as every time someone clicks your link, you pay Google $1 and you earn once the person on search to your link ” Buys Your Product” not before.

So WHY do you even THINK these people will be any different and will give you something for nothing!

A UK programme l watch is called Hustle and their favourite phrase is:

” We give people nothing for something and not something for nothing”

Well that answers my question but everyone wants to BELIEVE one day, it will be a truthful SPECIAL OFFER!

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