The Illegal Trade in Organs is Fueled by Desperation

Is it illegal? 非法交易?

Is it illegal? 非法交易? (Photo credit: Dennis Wong)

The Illegal Trade in Organs is Fueled by Desperation and Growing – SPIEGEL ON-LINE.

The growing trade in organs is becoming evermore prominent as the need for the rich to obtain, a vital organ to survive becomes evident! These stories similar to this one of the poor Russian immigrant from Israel and the rich German businessman, who is willing to pay for what they want! Are becoming ever widespread as health of the elderly rich deteriorates and the poor are a willing harvest!

When desperation takes over and they are told you months to live,it is l have the money and l can pay and they have what l want! It is a simple business transaction an organ for cash!

The reason why these people sell their organs is quite plain the consequences are far from clear ,as one day they maybe ill and need their kidney or other vital organ to survive.

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