Bildebergs Rise And Rise From Obscurity

The fact that Bildeberg and all it now stands for began in 1954 with two well-known names at his head table namely Royal Dutch Petroleum and Queen Beatrix and proceeded to a point when in 2013, none other than our chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne attended, then it is beginning to achieve what it began so long ago! Namely control of the people by the economic means, will shortly reach its ultimate conclusion!

The Davignon Report that was published on 27 October 1970, was a report on the future foreign policy of European Economic Community member nations. It was written by a council chaired by Étienne Davignon of the Belgian Foreign Office. The committee was appointed by the Council of the European Communities to make proposals on political cooperation between the member states.  It recommended that member states should try to speak with a single voice on international problems, a proposal that was approved by all six member governments. It resulted first in European Political Cooperation and later in the European Union‘s Common Foreign and Security Policy in 1992.  Étienne Francois Jacques Davignon, Viscount Davignon (born 4 October 1932 in Budapest) is a Belgian politician, businessman, and former vice-president of the European Commission. He also was a member of the first steering committee, which eventually would have such people as in 2013 known other than Kenneth Clark ex Chancellor of this present UK government.

The funding of such an organisation would eventually become a lot easier with such people who were regularly invited, providing donations. One of the first was to Rockefeller and he was instantly classed as a honoury member, with other such prominent leaders as Henry Kissinger and Pinochet! The main family that l mentioned earlier was the Rothschild’s and they would provide a way forward, with what would eventually become known as “Club Bildeberg” with each additional member representing a particular area of the economic globe! This may be either oil, news, finance, media, etc eventually leading to an annual conference in some part of the world, always behind close doors and nobody knowing what they are really discussing, or planning!

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