` Several Hundred ` Bulgarian's ` massed in `Sofia ' chanting ` EU did not Free Bulgaria from Turkish Domination – it was Russia '

#AceFinanceNews – SOFIA, March 24 – Several hundred Bulgarian citizens massed before the presidential administration building in the capital Sofia on Monday to protest against EU sanctions imposed on Russia.

Demonstrators gathered to wield posters reading “The EU did not free Bulgaria from Turkish domination, but Russia did” and “Crimea’s Bulgarians want Sofia to recognize the referendum”.

They arrived, attracting television broadcasters and news photographers, as the building assembled the country’s national security council to discuss events in Ukraine and possible consequences for Bulgaria.

Before the meeting, locals voiced confidence the meeting would not reach a consolidated agreement. Bulgaria’s President Rosen Plevneliev and his ruling party Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria have attacked Russia’s position and supported European sanctions.

But Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski stood against the punishment. “It should be mentioned that we would not support tight economic sanctions without analysing their consequences.

Our analysts say our country will be among those who will suffer the most from these consequences”, the premier said, adding that some “compensation mechanisms” needed discussion.

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` Yatsenyuk Believes that the Price of Gas from Europe will be $ 150 Below the Russian One ‘

#AceFinanceNews – KIEV, March 21.- Ukrainian government will continue talks the EU on purchases of natural gas in European countries, interim acting prime minister Arseny Yatsenyuk told reporters Friday at Kiev’s Boryspol airport upon return from Brussels where he signed the political chapter of an EU-Ukraine association agreement.

“We continue talks on getting gas from EU member-states,” said Yatsenyuk who believes for some reason that the price of gas from Europe will be $ 150 below the Russian one.

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` EU last night decided to expand their list of `Russian’s ‘ banned from entering EU Countries and their assets frozen if deposited in EU Banks ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS, MARCH 21.- The European Union has expanded the list of Russians banned from entering the EU countries from 21 to 33. The financial assets of the people from the ‘black list’ will be frozen if found in European banks.

The decision about imposing economic sanctions has not been made.

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy said the names of the ‘blacklisted’ Russians will be made public after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. “We are imposing sanctions on more senior officials of the Russian government,” he noted.

The EU countries have also agreed to halt preparations for bilateral summits with Russia and cancelled the EU-Russia summit scheduled for June. Van Rompuy stressed that the EU insists on the de-escalation of the crisis in Ukraine and restoration of the country’s territorial integrity.

He added that in case of further Russian actions in Ukraine and lack of de-escalation efforts the EU will take other measures, including economic.


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` US President Barack Obama and European Union Leaders promise to remove all tariffs on `Bilateral Trade at Summit ‘

#AceFinanceNews US President Barack Obama and European Union leaders will promise to remove all tariffs on bilateral trade at their summit on March 26, Reuters reported, citing a draft statement.

The joint declaration is likely to overcome tensions following Washington’s offer to cut its duties by less than the Europeans had hoped for.
Also, Brussels pledged to remove almost all of its own tariffs.

“The EU and the US are firmly committed to concluding a comprehensive and ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment (TTI) .


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` ` Greek Public Workers protest against thousands of job cuts demanded by bail -out conditions imposed by lenders ‘

#AceFinanceNews Greek public sector workers shut schools and left hospitals at emergency staffing levels Wednesday, Reuters reported.

They are protesting against thousands of new job cuts demanded by Greece’s foreign lenders. Doctors, teachers and school guards joined the 24-hour strike and planned marches to parliament.

Labour unions fear the centre-right Greek government will impose even more wage and pension cuts to meet the targets of its 240 billion euro bailout deal with the EU and IMF.


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PressTV: Standard and Poor’s downgrades EU credit rating

#AceDebtNews says ” Standard and Poor’s Downgrades EU Credit Rating” after introduction of the changes in the bond market and further controls on the bankers purses #banksters

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” How Close To The Edge Are We To Falling Off “

As each eurozone country in turn finds that they are deeper in debt than they first believed, we hear today that the bailout for Greece has made them worse off. Maybe and it is only a suggestion we should leave well alone and maybe just maybe it will sort it self out.

As we know many things in this world always do, l was taught as a child ” Leave Well Alone” l never found out who well was but before l could someone else we call a dogooder interfered and all was undone -ah well.

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The European Union’s economic affairs commissioner has said Europe must “resist alarmism” amid the latest fears over the Irish Republic’s debts.

He told ministers his country was working with European partners to deal with the debt issue.

He also reiterated that the Republic of Ireland had not asked for bail-out money and that the Irish economy was well funded until next year.

Mr Cowen tried to play down the growing sense of crisis across the eurozone, telling the Irish parliament that these were just a continuation of ongoing discussions it had been having with European institutions for some time.

Having spent the last 36 hours in Dublin I can report a sense of deep resentment at the pressure being put on the Irish government. Ministers genuinely believe they have a strategy that can work”

But he added: “We all have to work together in order to survive with the eurozone, because if we don’t survive with the eurozone we will not survive with the European Union.”

When Ireland explicitly guaranteed the Irish banking system just over two years ago, the finance minister, Brian Lenihan, said it was ‘the cheapest bank bailout in the world’. It is turning out to be very expensive”

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