ARGENTINA: ‘ Buy three Russian Mi-171E helicopters ‘

#AceFinanceReport – ARGENTINA:June.06: Argentinean government decided to buy three Russian Mi-171E helicopters, country’s Minister of Defense Agustin Rossi said Friday.

Argentina Purchase Two Mi-171E Helicopters '
‘ Argentina Purchase Two Mi-171E Helicopters ‘

“They will join the two [helicopters] that are already in service of the [Argentinean] Air Force,” Rossi said, as cited by La Segunda newspaper.

 The first two Mi-171E helicopters were bought by Argentina Defense Ministry in 2011 for participation in the Antarctic campaigns.

“Strong ties with Russia will be very beneficial for our defense policy as well as for development of our armed forces,” the minister added.

Buenos Aires expects to realize the deal on intergovernmental level, not engaging any commercial banks, according to Rossi.

On Thursday, Russia and Argentine signed 11 cooperation agreements, including the one between the defense ministries.

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The Miranda Warning – is this a – Real Wake up Call – to our Future

Great Seal Bug from NSA archives

Great Seal Bug from NSA archives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article was published a few days ago by News Press and relates to events that have now taken a step further in relation to reason for the arrest! So whether we believe it or not, what seems very evident from studies l have undertaken, is the future is more like ” big brother is watching you” than we ever imagined possible!    

The exert below copied and pasted from the article, which is excellent and well worth a read:

Over the past decade, the United States has stretched the definition of( “terrorism” )

to justify or disguise expansions of surveillance and war. In 2003,

President Bush declared that overthrowing Arab dictators was part of the

“war on terror.” From 2004 to 2007, the Bush administration persuaded

the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to define massive,

overwhelmingly innocent clusters of communications data as

terrorism-related “facilities” subject to authorized U.S. surveillance.

In 2009, U.S. officials labelled the Fort Hood shooter a “terrorist” for

killing fellow U.S. military personnel. In 2010, the CIA designated the

fatal bombing of its drone-war operators in Afghanistan as a “terrorist


So my reading of just this particular extract allows me to see deeper into people’s minds, and see why when they are polled independently, that up to 60% said it was a necessary evil, the question is who is the real evil in reality,  the protectionism ,or the terrorism! So this led me to write about ” How l can see Times are a Changing” and the liberty and justice that the people of the US and our country, once enjoyed so freely, will soon be all but eroded!  All in the name of ” NEW ” – Liberty and Justice – same as before but this time very, very different!  No longer the right to speak out about your government, as this is called “treason” once was called “Free Speech” or just mention a certain government body like the NSA or CIA and you instantly become a sympathiser, once you were a libertarian!  You get my drift!

Well the Miranda Warning is just that a friend of the editor of a UK news paper was targeted for one reason and one reason only, that was first the whereabouts of Edward Snowden and secondly what was on his laptop! Someone, maybe a whistle-blower told some high-ranking official in security that it may be worth stopping this person on this day!

Well of course to even the most ardent investigator this can not easily be proved, but as all journalists know providing the facts behind the story is all about honesty and not speculation, but in the case of David Miranda, he was arrested on the pretence of being a terrorist, not that he just happened to be a close friend and confidant of the Guardian reporter who first released the Edward Snowden story! Or that sometime later the same UK reporter had his offices investigated and his laptop was also searched!

No this was just to protect the US and UK people and the “Land of the Free” also stated many times by politicians alike as a country of “Free Speech” maybe l should have called this article another name like “When is free speech really Free” of course it would not have had the same impact as the mere mention of the name Miranda, but my reason for calling it, by the excellent article writer William Saletan was simply, it is a warning to people of what is to come, as nobody did anything to stop this “Terrorist Act” being written, and legislated and now, as we have seen put into action! So it is a Warning in my personal opinion a dire warning of control by new and more stringent laws, brought about by the people themselves, asking for more protection measures!

Always remember every country is judged on the fairness of its laws, not the harshness by the way they are laid down!

So this today with the ever-changing political landscape, of change for change sake happening daily, spare a thought for those that through no fault of their own have and will become a scapegoat of a system, that was designed by people who convinced the people, that what we are doing for you, is providing a way to protect you from the evil doers.

My last question is who really are these evil doers?        

The Miranda Warning. Please read and comment as it is you the people that change the world, either for the good or for yourselves! 


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