” Global Agreement On Change Or Profit`s”

As all the countries for many a year have spoken on making it possible to reduce emissions, carbon credits, less pollution all the retoric in the world, will not put the environment before profits of oil rich companies and the nations growing ever fatter on destroying the eco-system in pursuit of wealth. We may want to believe they will change but if we ALL search our heart we will have the answer they have to be stopped, before it is to late.

And comments before the UN Climate summit like Mr Cameron states and throw away ones like Mr Schwarzenegger said will give no one pause to believe anything will be said to change things for the people, but a good time will be had by everyone paid for by us.

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron has played down chances of a global agreement at the next UN climate summit in Mexico later this month.

He said individual efforts were not enough without firm international agreements including major polluting nations like the US and China.

Mr Cameron said countries like Britain and states like California should take the lead to show environmental protection need not be at the expense of economic recovery.

Mr Schwarzenegger said: “We should not just rely on policy… what is important is that we make the general public buy in on this whole idea of going green.

“You’ve got to make it hip, you’ve got to make it sexy to be part of this movement.

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