Today the People Pay Ten Million for the Emperors New Clothes

English: NHS logo

English: NHS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the face of it this seems a great deal for the voluntary sector and how they can provide help for the homeless, but the real truth is that it saves this government having to support the NHS!  As in the long run they want to change our health service into a privatised and fee paying one ,for those that can afford it! This is similar to the US Healthcare system that was based on the amount of money you could afford to pay for your health insurance, that Obama has tried to wipe out! So the UK Government will lead its people down this path, providing contracts for the likes of Atos!  
So watch this space because what is done today, is a blind and only those that look for the truth, will find out the real truth about how the taxpayers money is really being spent! As keeping people out of hospital and freeing up A & E looks good, but it allows other projects in a mess like the NHS Direct Number 111 and also other third-party contracts to thrive!
Enabling resources to be provided above the normal prices and below the standard the people who are ill should expect.
Extract from the Guardian 29/07/2013 The organisation originally won 11 of the 46 contracts to provide the 24-hour service in England. It had put a value of £43m a year on the contracts, but says its predicted income is £21.2m.     
The story that comes to mind is the “Emperors New Clothes” and as we know the people was so scared of the Emperor they would not speak, as the Emperor had also been blinded by the truth of the tailors deception, but one poor and wide-eyed youth, saw the truth and spoke, these words out loud ” The Emperor Is Naked As Naked As He Was Born” then like all sheep the people agreed and they laughed and laughed! 
 Are you those people who are blind as it does not affect your life, or are you like the youth, that told it as it really is, or are you a sheep or a lamb!
Judge for yourself?
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Well here is the article simply copied and pasted need the link to prove it here it is:                     

Fifty two projects have been awarded a share of £10 million to make sure homeless people receive better help once they leave the hospital, Public Health Minister Anna Soubry announced today.

It is estimated that homeless people attend A&E up to six times more than people with a home – and that now 70 per cent of homeless people are discharged back onto the street without their housing or on-going care needs after hospital being properly addressed.

The projects are run by voluntary sector organisations who will work with the NHS and local government to make sure homeless people get the best possible support and care after they leave the hospital. This will help reduce the number of homeless people who are readmitted to hospital.

Some of the organisations receiving funding will provide:

  • Specialist training for hospital staff on the needs of homeless people;
  • Support to make sure their care continues after discharge;
  • Teams to support homeless people find accommodation that takes into account their health needs; and
  • 14 care beds for people discharged from hospital thanks to over £1million from the fund.
Anna Soubry

Anna Soubry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Public Health Minister Anna Soubry said:

In today’s society, it is not acceptable that people are leaving hospital with no plans in place to discuss their ongoing care needs.

The £10 million we have awarded to these 52 projects will help stamp out the bad practice we know exists in some trusts when homeless people are discharged from hospital and make sure they have the support and care they need.

Housing Minister Mark Prisk said:

This Government is working hard to make every contact count, ensuring that homeless people have access to the help and support they need wherever they are – from the housing office to the hospital bed. Today’s funding, backed by a further £470 million Government investment in homelessness prevention, will reach people in need when they’re at their most vulnerable, getting them back on their feet more quickly, and saving local services the ongoing bills for repeat treatment.

Then he was replaced by a new minister! 

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Does The Taxpayer Really Know Who Owns Their Services!

Take a real good look at all contracts awarded by this Government, or read some of my articles high-lighting who is getting the lion’s share! Also check out companies like G4’s, Atos, Capita and even Ipsos and see who is making the profits! Even look at the bigger picture and the likes of British Gas using G4’s {as meter reading company} or BT and the broadband deal! This government will eventually contract out all our services to third party contracts, who will l believe sub-contract certain services to other contractors! In the end their slight of hand tactics will not even be seen coming! But follow me and l will always print the truth, of what you do not always see coming!

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Understanding third party contracts is the key to…

Understanding third-party contracts is the key to knowing where the tax-payers money is going! Once you understand that these companies put in tenders and get the contract (witness G4s) and others such as “Capita” then they can use their agreed grant in which ever they like! This then allows them to divide up the money, with the great portion given to themselves, and utilising the balance usually 60/40 in favour of themselves, but can be as high as 70/30 in some cases! The benefit to any government as it was to the bankers is that they carry no blame and can pass it on to the third party contractor, as they did with the G4’s debacle on the Olympics. Thus they look squeaky clean and if the third party screws up they can get another to take over the contract, making them look like they care ,when in fact they do not give a dam. Also as contract pricing is done by their departments ,they can save money and hide where they put it!
I have been studying these contracts for many years and this is the latest way governments, companies and countries pass the buck!
The fact that keeping their promises does not come into the agenda, maximising profit as a private company is what this is all about!

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