Company Paid $25 Million for Refunds to Settle FTC Charges of Deceptive Advertising

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I decided just recently that it would be useful to my readers to obtain information about cases that being ardently chased for either, malpractice, deception or misleading the public!

So my first post relates courtesy of FTC to deceptive advertising:

Firstly and as usual l will provide the extract and then comment accordingly and ask anyone interested to comment! Also readers can comment or provide their news or views and email me at Ace News Desk


In connection with the Federal Trade Commission’s settlement with Reebok International Ltd, a settlement administrator is mailing approximately 315,000 checks to consumers who bought allegedly deceptively advertised toning shoes and apparel from the company. 

Ads for Reebok’s toning shoes claimed that sole technology featuring pockets of moving air creates “micro instability” that tones and strengthens muscles as you walk or run.   

As part of its efforts to stem overhyped health claims, the FTC last year alleged that Reebok deceptively advertised its “toning shoes” by claiming that consumers wearing the shoes would strengthen and tone leg and buttock muscles more than by wearing regular shoes.  Reebok paid $25 million for refunds as part of its settlement agreement with the agency.

The amount each consumer gets back is based on the amount the consumer claimed to have spent on the products.  Consumers will receive approximately 87 percent of the amount on their claim forms that was submitted and approved.  The deadline for filing a refund request has expired. 

Consumers should carefully evaluate advertising claims for work-out gear and exercise equipment.  For more information see:  How’s that Work-out Working Out?  Tips on Buying Fitness Gear.

My Comment:

This is very much that what we are told on that this product does not provide under a simple rule of ” Fit For Purpose” and thus provides the consumer with misleading information! In this case the FTC  has agreed a settlement, in favour of said consumer!

In many cases these types of cases get lost in translation and never get aired, so if you know of any! Be they miscarriages of justice, unfair trading or products that do not live up to what we are told! Please let me know!





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