Ukraine crisis: Russia to release new $2B — Moscow wants Ukraine to join the Russia-led Customs Union, with Belarus and Kazakhstan

#AFN2014 says adds to my post today on the `tranche of $2 billion and the `gas concessions’


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#Russia : ” Purchasing another `Tranche of Ukrainian Eurobonds’ worth `$2 Billion”

#AceFinanceNews says that `Russia is to Buy a Second $2 Billion Tranche of Ukrainian Eurobonds, according to RFMAnton Siluanov.

English: NOVO-OGARYOVO. Meeting on deliveries ...

English: NOVO-OGARYOVO. Meeting on deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine. Русский: NOVO-OGARYOVO. Meeting on deliveries of Russian gas to Ukraine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russia will purchase another tranche of Ukrainian eurobonds worth $2 billion, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told reporters on Monday. 

“This week, two billion,” Siluanov said while answering the question about when Russia is to get the next tranche.

In mid-December 2013 Russia agreed to grant Ukraine a $15 billion loan and a 33 percent gas discount.

At the end of last year Russia bought the first bonds worth $3 billion dollars at 5 percent interest.

As part of the agreement Moscow will use $5 billion it holds in the form of a Special Drawing Rights (SDR), with another $10 billion coming from the National Welfare Fund.

At the end of January Ukraine said it would issue another $2 billion worth of government bonds to Russia, with the same conditions as the previous $3 billion bond sale in December.


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