#ClimateChange Before you complain consider your lifestyle first ? Do you buy what you really need OR want as that supports these companies that destroy our eco-system and world ….People can change the world by just one step Buy Less Save Money Save The Planet …Just buy what you need make do and mend #PeopleB4Profit says #AceFinanceMe

Its about time for people to look at their own lifestyle and consider a number of important points l have detailed below:

Do you fly all over the world on holiday ?

Do you buy plastic items or do you consider what they are made of or if they are environmentally friendly to animals or other people ?

Do you drive and have more than one car in the family or could you car-share or make life changes ?

Do you recycle your rubbish into certain areas by dividing it up into plastics, paper, cardboard and food waste etc ?

Do you wear clothes to last or cheap change of fashion items made of non-recyclable materials ?

Do you change tech items to keep up with last model or version ?

If we as a world make just a few changes to our lives we can slow-down climate change but we need to be aware that the damage has been done and we need to adapt to survive and not just protest to governments: Or they will find a way to use capitalism by selling us everything that we then NEED to change, to become GREEN so we THROW even MORE on to landfills just to MAKE them MORE PROFIT:

BUT: Most of all we need to stop manufacturers that poison our world with products that are not good for the environment, recyclable or even fit for purpose: By US not buying for the sake of it ……

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