Contracts: Knowing how to ask questions but not understanding the answers #AceFinanceDesk report

I was watching BBC Parliament recently and Labour MPs were presenting questions on finance to Mark Carney of the BOE from their constituents and the MP’s did not appear to have a clue about his answers. In some cases the questions bore very little meaning to the person being interviewed.

This is not the only example …MPs listening to Stephen Barclay (EU-Brexit Secretary) kept intervening and asking many questions that had no resemblance to the what he was saying about the deal and contract negotiated for #Brexit and its meaning …..but one after another they kept on asking just to try and derail him from his train of thought ….he did at one time say to one person …. madam l have been a treasurer and your question has no understanding of what l am alluding.

Maybe l have greater understanding of these contracts having taken time to learn but these MPs wasting taxpayers money on a day-to-day basis with claims of hundreds of pounds of expenses ….should take time to learn about the subject before asking questions of other MP’s who have had the training and requisite time spent learning ……HOW – a contract be it finance, trade or other is constructed and most importantly understood …….#AceFinanceNews