#AceBrexitNews – Chile Day Trade Day: Taking place in London in June 2017 as trade and investment between our two nations has never been at a better moment – #AceNewsDesk reports – @AceFinanceNews

#AceFinanceNews – Mar.29: The announcement that Chile Day will take place in London in June 2017 is good for the United Kingdom and is good for Chile – #AceNewsDesk reports …

Trade and investment between our two nations has never been at a better moment in GOVUK on Tuesday a day before #Brexit was triggered with #Article50 this was the News Story advising Chile Day to take place in London in June 2017 /Last week, Chile showed global leadership in convening a Summit of the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur countries to discuss future trade in a changing world. The UK is also an observer of the Pacific Alliance and shares those values with Chile of the importance of free trade and globalisation.

Last week, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of free trade. In her statement to Parliament about #Brexit, the PM said:

At the same time we will also seize the opportunity to forge our own new trade deals and to reach out beyond the borders of Europe to build relationships with old friends.

The new British Airways flight opens up new possibilities of links between UK and Chile in a global world.

A direct flight opens up real potential for more tourism, more trade, more investment, in both directions. Good for the UK. Good for Chile.

Chile Day offers a significant opportunity for deepening and enhancing our long standing relationship with Chile in trade and other areas.

Britain’s economy is one of the strongest major advanced economies in the world, and we are well placed to face the future. The UK is a great trading nation.

The UK was the second fastest growing economy in the G7 in 2016; and in 2015 we were one of the two fastest growing major advanced economies alongside the US.

International trade and investment has many benefits – it fosters greater competition which spurs innovation and leads to prosperity and excellence.

Free trade has, and will, continue to, transform the world for the better,

Our message to UK businesses, global investors and international partners is clear – the UK is a beacon for open trade and we will continue to be an outward-looking, globally-minded, big-thinking country – a champion for free trade.

This is the seventh version of Chile Day. Each year I have seen it grow with greater strength by increasing the number of participants, addressing big economic issues for both of our countries, enhancing Chile’s profile in the UK, and forging new trade and investment links. We will make this Chile Day the best ever and will create more links for the future.

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