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#AceFinanceNews – Jan.18: Gov.Jerry Brown looking at raising costs for motorists to pay for infrastructure program

By Sandy Wells KABC News

The State of California is coming up short in its revenue projections to cover Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed $179.5 billion budget for the coming year. Joel Fox, Editor of Fox and Hounds and President of the Small Business Action Committee, says Brown has proposed to raise funds for a four-point-three billion dollar infrastructure plan in two ways.

“A 65-dollar annual (vehicle) fee. And we pay about an 18 cents a gallon gas tax; they want to raise that to 21 cents and then put an inflation carrier on it so as inflation goes up, your gas tax will go up. And he needs a two-thirds vote to pass taxes. As you know, now the Democrats have a two-thirds majority in the Assembly and the Senate. But the question is, will all Democrats support the Governor’s plan? So, while the governor is proposing this vehicle fee and gas tax, there’s no assurance that plan is going to go forward.”

Fox says even though the Vehicle fee is not called a “tax,” he believes it will still need to be approved by the Legislature.

Fox was a guest on 790 KABC’s McIntyre in the Morning Show with Doug McIntyre and Rob Marinko.

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