BRITAIN: Pension revolution taking place as more and people their hard earned money before retirement the question is has this helped cover up the real reason for its introduction by Osborn after the 2008 financial collapse that devastated pension funds – @AceFinanceNews

#AceFinanceNews – July.31: In April 2015, the government introduced the most significant pension reforms for a generation, giving people who’ve worked hard and saved their entire lives the ability to access their savings how and when they want.

Today (28 July 2016) new HMRC figures show more and more people are taking advantage of the new freedoms, with 159,000 people having accessed £1.7 billion flexibly from their pension pots since April this year.

This take the total value of payments to over £6 billion across 772,000 payments since the launch of the pension freedoms.

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News Story: Britain’s pension revolution goes from strength to strength | ‘ Ace Press Releases & Live Reports

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