BRITAIN: #Brexit vote will kill the idea of austerity as eventually many instead of the few will be in the same boat and have less then who will bleat about leaving the EU – @AceFinanceNews

#AceFinanceNews – July.05: The Brexit vote will kill austerity

George Osborne’s disastrous experiment brought about the EU referendum vote – now the economy needs stimulus

The pound has collapsed to a 30-year low and the share prices of banks, estate agents and homebuilders are down sharply amid recession fears since the Brexit vote. A big house price drop seems inevitable, especially in London. The UK’s holdings in RBS alone are down by a third in a week; 9.1bn shares have dropped in value by about 80p a share, so that is a loss of more than £7bn. Add to that a drop of 17p in the value of the 15bn shares in Lloyds Bank the country owns, and, as a starter, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and the leavers have already cost the country more than £10bn in losses….

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