#Brittius says a hand up, and not a hand out”, may, possibly, give thought to exploring independence for Puerto Rico

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#BrittiusReport – Dec.22: This was in reply to a report that l did on Puerto’s financial crisis here:

NEW YORK: Melissa Mark-Viverito are urging Congress to pass a final spending bill that would allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debt

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, their people are US citizens by birth. Being a territory, their government has considerable leeway on spending issues, and was a consideration when statehood ballot was proposed. Now they are in dire straits financially. The US Congress should deny their request and resubmit statehood consideration. It would bring financial relief though loss of a quasi-independence.

A friend in high school, was the grandson of Roberto Campos, who sought independence for Puerto Rico. The ideals were, as explained, necessary but leaning towards communism at the time. Perhaps the time, now, favors Puerto Rico’s independence if they could get a workable government, but that would end much financial assistance from the US. Their economy would need to be revamped to include much more manufacturing rather that tourism and the US Navy involvement with training operations of ordnance deployed, which is unfavorable to the environment of the ocean waters. Loss of revenue if America left.

Puerto Rico has some tough decisions to make, and it will not be an easy or luxurious road to travel, as the majority of its citizens live a very modest lifestyle that can be vastly improved economically in time to come. As President Ronald Reagan said,

“A hand up, and not a hand out”, may, possibly, give thought to exploring independence for Puerto Rico.

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