Pension Shocker: Plans Face $2 Trillion Shortfall, Moody’s Says

CAIRO: ‘ State Owned Contractors to Rebuild Italian Consulate Destroyed last Week ‘

#AceFinanceNews – CAIRO:July.19: Egypt’s Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has assigned state-owned Arab Contractors to restore the downtown Cairo-based Italian Consulate that was attacked by a blast last week, head of the company Mohsen Salah told Youm7 Friday.

The company will also restore 17 homes, partially damaged by the huge explosion, in Bulaq district near the consulate, he added.

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CAIRO: ‘ $6-Billion Refinement & Production Projects being Implemented – Minster ‘

#AceFinanceNews – CAIRO:July.19: Refinement and production projects of $6 billion are being implemented to provide the local market with the needed power supplies, Minister of Petroleum Sherif Ismail said in a Friday statement.

“The projects aim to reduce the amounts of the imported petroleum, diesel oil and butane gas and achieve the best economic use of the Egyptian refinement labs,” said the minister.

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#GREECE: ‘ Deal done for Markets but Daily Life for Greeks far from a rosy Future ‘

#AceFinanceNews#GREECE July.19: The (AP) today reported that cash crisis disrupts all aspects of daily life – death included. Greek funeral homes are struggling to cope with banking restrictions that limit customers to taking out only 60 euros ($65) a day in cash. Even a modest funeral service in Greece costs more than 15 times that, in a country that traditionally carries out funerals shortly after death and pays for them almost entirely in cash.

So the fact that after signing the deal with Germany everything in the garden is coming up roses for the bond holders, investors and stock-markets it not so rosy for the Greek people and their small businesses. 

Now even paying for a funeral is becoming impossible.


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VIDEO: Broken Britain as Labour Lord & YMCA Suggest Solution to Housing Crisis – Lego Type Homes Aptly called Y-Cube ‘

#AceFinanceNews – Editors Post:BRITAIN:July.19: A self-made housing crisis that has profligated by government after government – intention to build affordable homes – achievement, no building controls, no control over who gets a home.The ones who get to buy these homes are property portfolio investors, the upshot is the cost of rent to private or even council tenants, paid of course by taxpayers.

Having lived in the UK all my life, l have seen this from the funding end and also from the purchasers point of view, affordability is based on property prices and those who can afford their home are the likes of Lord Rogers – Architect family background  Who will l am sure make a real killing out of this suggestion, even though as we know it will not be clearly shown. So here is his and the YMCA proposal:    
Well Campaigners have called on ministers to ‘get serious’ about the country’s housing crisis after a government report revealed private renters in England spend almost half their income on rent.

Housing charity Shelter said on Friday that private renters are being forced to carry the burden of the nation’s “dramatic” housing shortage.

Tenants across England spend an average of 47 percent of their after-tax income on rent, according to the annual English Housing Survey published in February.

In London this figure is even higher, with people spending an average of 73 percent of their pre-tax income on rent.

So there you have this Lords plan girded by of course making sure you create a housing crisis in the first place, allowing you to solve it as they are proposing.  With the aptly name Y Cube (or should it be Why? Cube) and who gets to benefit well read this and tell me your news and views!    

Contributions: RT – Ruptly Video


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