USA: ‘ Jury Convicts Goldman Sachs Programmer of Stealing Secret Information ‘

#AceWorldNews – USA:May.01: A jury has convicted a former Goldman Sachs programmer of stealing the investment firm’s high-frequency trading code.

The panel found Sergey Aleynikov guilty on only one count of stealing “secret scientific material” from the bank, after reaching a split decision on a similar count. Aleynikov, a dual citizen of Russia and the US, was charged with stealing the computer code as he prepared to leave the investment bank for a trading start-up in Chicago in 2009.


KABUL: ‘ Delegation of 20 Afghan Government Heading to Qatar to Meet Taliban ‘

#AceWorldNews – KABUL:May.01: A 20-member delegation from the Afghan government is headed to Qatar for a meeting with Taliban representatives on Sunday and Monday, the country’s High Peace Council Deputy Chief Attaullah Ludin told Reuters.

A Taliban official in Qatar told the agency some Pakistani officials would also be present.



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