USA: ‘ Federal Reserve Members Agree to Remove Patient from Forward Guidance Allowing Flexibility in Adjusting Federal Funds ‘

#AceFinanceReport – Featured Update:USA:April.08: At its March meeting, nearly all members of the Federal Reserve’s policy-setting board agreed the word ‘patient’ should be dropped from its forward guidance, preferring language allowing flexibility to adjust the federal funds target range on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Discussion among the Federal Open Market Committee members also centered around improvement in the labor market, energy price stabilization, and a levelling out of foreign-exchange value of the dollar, all of which members agreed could contribute to a decision to begin policy normalization at the June meeting.

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MOSCOW; ‘ Gazprom Shares Drop 70-Percent in First Two Months of 2015 Trading ‘

#AceFinanceReport – RUSSIA:April.08: Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom saw its profits drop some 70 percent in the first two months of this year.

Russia’s Federal Customs Service reported the decrease in Gazprom’s exports revenues on April 7 and said profits totalled some $7.4 billion in January-February.

The Customs Service said gas exports declined from 37.4 billion cubic meters (bcm) in January-February 2014, for both foreign and CIS exports, to 27.5 bcm in the first two months of 2015, of which 18.7 bcm went to countries outside the CIS and 8.8 bcm to CIS countries.

The Customs Service also noted that the average price of gas dropped from some $334 per 1,000 cubic meters in January-February 2014 to some $269 for the same period this year.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on April 7 that President Vladimir Putin would meet with Gazprom chief Aleksei Miller on April 8.

Russian news agency TASS reported the agenda had not been announced. Peskov said the Putin-Miller meeting would address "gas issues, which I am not going to announce."

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USA: ‘ Alcoa Kicks Off First Quarter Earnings & Tops Analysts Expectation ‘

#AceFinanceReport – USA:April.08: The aluminum giant revealed adjusted first-quarter profits per share of 28 cents, topping analysts’ expectations by two cents.

Revenue, meanwhile, came in at $5.8 billion, missing forecasts for $5.9 billion.

Alcoa shares slid 0.5% in after-hours action.

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LONDON: ‘ Royal Dutch Shell Makes Offer of $69.6 Billion for BG Group ‘

#AceFinanceNews – UK:April.08: Royal Dutch Shell has made an offer to purchase Britain’s BG Group for $69.6 billion.

The firms announced they reached an agreement on the terms of a recommended cash and share offer early Wednesday.

Shell chairman Jorma Ollila said in a statement: "The result will be a more competitive, stronger company for both sets of shareholders in today’s volatile oil price world."