MOSCOW: ‘ Putin Says Our Economy Will Bounce Back by 2017 ‘

#AceFinanceNews – MOSCOW:Dec.18 – Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed external factors for the country’s current economic crisis in an annual press conference.

He said he expected a return to growth by 2017 in the worst case scenario.

What he said:

– Russians had better brace themselves for two tough years
– Putin maintains the situation in Ukraine is the West’s fault
– …however, he claims to still want a solution to the crisis and thinks Poroshenko does too
– The CBR could have acted more quickly
– He re-committed to the privatization process
– Putin isn’t planning to fire Igor Sechin, CEO of Rosneft
– Capital controls on Russian assets are not currently planned
– Putin will prop up mortgages after interest rates rose to 17%
– He wants to preserve Russia’s currency reserves
– Putin hasn’t decided if he wants to run again in 2018
– And “everything is fine” with his post-separation love life

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