Tsarov could not explain where he put the million rubles dedicated to him for the repair of the Donetsk Opera House

Voices of Ukraine

By Espreso.TV
Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Oleg Tsarov Oleg Tsarov

Anna Netrebko donated one million rubles for the restoration of the theatre building, and Oleg Tsarov was to transfer the money to the Donetsk Opera… 

Asked whether there are estimates for the restoration of the theater, Tsarov said that there was no significant damage to it, but he was not able to explain what had happened to the Donetsk Opera. A video of the press conference appeared on the network, said Espreso.TV.

Moreover, in his commentary Tsarov was unable to link together a single full sentence.

VIDEO: Fresh from the idiocy of Tsarov. Tsarov tries to explain where he will spend a million rubles

Earlier, Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko gave a million rubles to the terrorist Tsarov to repair the undamaged Donetsk Opera House. The money for the Opera House is to be transferred to them by…

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