‘ Changing Face of Gambling Herald’s Demise of Suffolk Down’s’

#AceFinanceNews – BRITAIN – September 25 – The changing face of gambling today herald’s the demise of the Suffolk Downs, New England’s last thoroughbred racing track, as it is closing its venue this year.

' Sea-Biscuit Wins 1940 SAH '

‘ Sea-Biscuit Wins 1940 SAH ‘

This was the place that once hosted Sea-Biscuit and other premier horses of the day, and now falls victim to changes in a gaming industry that now revolves around lotteries and casinos.

The 160-acre track, located just outside down-town Boston, had hoped to revive its sagging fortunes with a $1.1 billion Mohegan Sun casino project.

But after the proposal was rejected last week, the operators said they have no choice but to close the nearly 80-year-old track.


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