America __ $old Off to the Highest Bidder

Asylum Watch

America’s politicians have been selling their influence for votes and money since 1789, if not earlier.  Those elected by “The People” who have gone to Washington to manage America’s affairs in the interest of their electorate have been the exception and not the rule. Most enter politics for self interest rather than out of any noble sense of duty. So, we know who the influence peddlers are: the 536 people we so carelessly elect every few years to “represent” our interests, as well as, countless agenda driven bureaucrats.

It’s common knowledge who the buyers of the influence being peddled by the politicians are: the rich and powerful  _ be they individuals or large corporations or front organizations used to do their bidding; such as, well funded think tanks and foundations.

As a result, a large fraction of the laws and regulations on the books are there to aid the few…

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