‘ Corporations of America Handed ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card ‘ to Enable Repatriating of US Taxpayers Dollar’s ‘

#AceFinanceNews – UNITED STATES – June 22 – Yet conservatives in Congress don’t see it that way. They’re about to give big business a “get-out-of-jail-free” card.

​(They call it the “repatriation tax holiday).

They want us to look the other way while corporations sneak $2 trillion in taxable profits through the back door.

You may have heard about the absurd lengths big companies go to avoid paying their fair share. (Remember the “double Irish with a Dutch sandwich”?)

The “tax holiday” is another example of big business using lobbyists to rewrite the rules.

​This has to stop.

Campaign for America’s Future is in this fight.

We are working with other progressive groups to put the people’s outrage in the face of the legislators. We must stop the “repatriation tax holiday.”

Eight out of ten people agree with us.

They have lobbyists, but we have numbers.

By Roger Hickey @ Campaign America Future


‘ Governor of Norway’s Central Bank Call for Swift Action to Prevent Crisis at Bank of England ‘

#AceFinanceNews – BRITAIN (London) – Nordic regulators call for swift action to prevent crisis as Bank of England Governor Mark Carney expected to announce new measures to rein in mortgage lending.

​Øystein Olsen, the governor of Norway’s central bank, and Martin Andersson, the head of Sweden’s financial regulator, told the Telegraph that early action is vital if policy-makers want to safeguard UK financial stability.

​"The sooner you start, the less hard you need to be on the measures you take and then you can always follow up to take other measures," said Mr Andersson, who has also served on the Bank of England’s Financial Stability Board, which pre-dated the FPC.

(Financial Stability Board ) ​

Sweden has introduced a package of measures to cool the market, including forcing borrowers to stump up bigger deposits by introducing a loan-to-value (LTV) cap of 85pc on all mortgage lending and higher capital requirements for banks.

"When we first introduced the LTV ratios … no-one thought that we did the right thing because all the experts and media thought that we were creating a problem that didn’t exist.

But after six months … a lot of people thought that we should do more, because this was now seen as a serious problem."

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