‘ US Threatening to Withhold $277 Million in Aid to El Salvador if They Do Not Purchase Monsanto GM Seeds Instead of Non-GM ‘

#AceNewsServices – As one of the preconditions to authorizing close to $300 million in aid, the United States is pressuring El Salvador to purchase genetically modified seeds from Monsanto instead of non-GM seeds from local farmers.

​According to Sustainable Pulse, a website covering developments related to genetically modified organisms and sustainable agriculture, the US will reportedly withhold $277 million in aid through the Millennium Challenge Compact if El Salvador refuses to purchase GM seeds from the biotech company Monsanto.

​The website states that the stalled aid package was originally put on hold in late 2013, when it was revealed that Millennium Challenge Corporation would not deliver funds to the country unless “specific” economic and environmental reforms were made. Apparently, one of those is related to the purchase of GMO seeds.

Speaking with Verdad Digital, however, the president of the El Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technologies (CESTA) criticized the US negotiating position and said the country should back away from its demand.

“I would like to tell the U.S. Ambassador to stop pressuring the Government (of El Salvador) to buy ‘improved’ GM seeds,” CESTA president Ricardo Navarro said, adding that the move would hurt the local economy and only benefit US companies.

Navarro specifically singled out Monsanto for criticism as well, saying, “There is a harmful corporation on the planet called Monsanto … it is truly disturbing that the U.S. is trying to promote them.”

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‘ Ukraine Tax Officials Suspect Massive Fraud Equal to Half of the Countries Revenue ‘

#AceFinanceNews – KIEV, Ukraine – As Ukraine’s tax chief tells it, the billion-dollar theft was planned at a see-through plastic table in a vault of sound-proof steel.

​Ukraine tax officials suspect that a massive fraud squeezed 130 billion hryvnias ($11 billion) from the country’s coffers over the past three years, AP said.

The amount is equal to more than half a year’s tax revenue for the entire country. Deputy Tax Minister Igor Bilous says his predecessor was in on the scam, helping to organize a wide network of phantom firms in return for a cut of the cash, according to a report.

The predecessor, Aleksandr Klymenko, speaking from an undisclosed location, denied the claims, saying he “always fought any corruption fiercely” and cited more than 1,300 investigations into charges of corruption that his office opened last year.

​(HutchNews) – Deputy Tax Minister Ihor Bilous, the country’s new tax boss, says his predecessor was in on the scam, helping to organize a wide network of phantom firms in return for a cut of the cash. The criminals, he says, operated with impunity.

"They didn’t care about the police, the security services.

Nobody was checking," Bilous told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

"That’s why this cancer … spread over the whole country."

Bilous’ predecessor, Oleksandr Klymenko, denies the claims, saying he "always fought tough with any corruption" and cited more than 1,300 investigations into charges of corruption that his office opened last year.

"A lot of false information that discredits my honour and reputation is spread by the media," he said.

But documents reviewed by the AP – including tax records, a list of alleged phantom companies drawn up by a Ukrainian anti-corruption group, and data from the business intelligence website Arachnys – support Bilous’ description of a wide-ranging scheme, and outside experts support the claims.

Bilous’ assertions are "very hard not to agree with," said Anna Derevyanko, the director of the Kiev-based European Business Association. "

Basically, whatever field you are touching, it was corrupt in the territory of Ukraine."

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‘ Protecting Yourself Against Fraud ‘

#AceFinanceNews – NEW YORK – June 10 – In the wake of a spate of data breaches highlighting the vulnerability of companies that hold consumer information, MasterCard Inc announced last week it would apply the same rules to PIN-based debit card transactions as those used for credit cards: zero liability when fraud is reported.

A MasterCard logo is seen on a door outside a restaurant in New York, February 3, 2010.


"Fraud and identity theft have been in the news a lot lately. We want to give cardholders peace of mind," says MasterCard spokeswoman Beth Kitchener. The breach at Target last year, which affected more than 40 million customers, is still a top concern for many.

For consumers who have MasterCard-branded debit cards, the extension of zero liability means some things will change, while others won’t. Here is what you need to know about the new policy, which takes effect on Oct. 1.

Q: Does this mean that using a debit card is just as safe for transactions as using a credit card?

A: Not exactly. While those who have MasterCard-branded debit cards will benefit from the policy change, the inherent issues with debit cards remain. The main difference between debit card and credit card transactions is debit cards are tied to users’ bank accounts.

"With credit cards, it’s not a big deal. It’s their money not yours," says Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education for Credit.com. "With a debit card it is a big deal. Consumers still need to be very careful when a debit card is tied to their main financial account."

Q: How much money could I be on the hook for right now if someone steals using my debit card?

A: Federal laws extend protection to consumers using both credit and debit cards, but losses for victims of fraudulent credit card transactions are capped at $50. Most credit card issuers, however, set the cap at zero. Responsibility for fraud on a debit card is tied to when it is discovered and reported.

If you report the loss within two days, federal law caps consumer responsibility at $50. If you report it within 60 days of receiving a statement that shows the fraudulent transactions, liability is capped at $500. If you don’t report it within 60 days, that liability is unlimited.

Q: Why isn’t a PIN enough to protect me?

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‘ Homicide Service Grant Provision of £2.85 Million Announced ‘

#AceFinanceNews – BRITAIN – June 10 – Statement by Damian Green (Victims Minister) of the UK Government has stated that thousands of people bereaved by homicide will be able to access unprecedented levels of expert support, following the award of the £2.85 million Homicide Service grant.

The Homicide Service has been specifically designed to help families cope with the loss of a loved one through murder or manslaughter, and will ensure a range of emotional, practical and specialist support is available.

Run by Victim Support the service will assess each individual’s needs and offer specialist, practical and emotional help – from dedicated counselling to liaising with schools and employers, financial advice or help with childcare arrangements.

The grant also, for the first time, includes peer support where people who have suffered a similar trauma can draw upon their own experiences to give first-hand support and assistance.

The Homicide Service will also provide support to families where the homicide has occurred abroad, including liaison with foreign judicial processes.

Combined together, this will ensure the greatest level of care for bereaved families, both in the immediate aftermath and longer term after a death.

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‘ Live Sky Blues Owners and Coventry City Council in Court ‘

#AceFinanceNews – COVENTRY – June 10 – Three-day judicial review starts at Birmingham High Court to investigate Sisu’s claims that £14.4m loan deal between council and Ricoh Arena operators amounted to unlawful state.

A three-day judicial review starts today at Birmingham High Court to investigate Sisu’s claims that a £14.4million loan deal between Coventry City Council and Ricoh Arena operators ACL in January 2013 amounted to unlawful state aid under European law.

(CET) 09/06/2014 – A three-day judicial review will take place at Birmingham High Court to investigate Sisu’s claims that a £14.4million loan deal between Coventry City Council and Ricoh Arena operators ACL in January 2013 amounted to unlawful state aid under European law.

The loan was made after ACL’s business became distressed when the football club began withholding its £1m a year rent from the stadium operators in April 2012.

Sisu will argue the council acted irrationally and unlawfully when it decided to make the loan to ACL – a company half owned by the city council in partnership with the Alan Edward Higgs Charity.

The council has always said it acted appropriately in order to protect its investment in the Ricoh Arena project.

Eventually the dispute resulted in club bosses taking the Sky Blues away from the Ricoh Arena to play ‘home’ matches 35 miles away in Northampton.

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Political donations got the Texas Waste Control site going


Flag-USABreaking Bad: A Nuclear Waste Disaster By Joseph Trento, DC Bureau,  June 5th, 2014 “………Former President George W. Bush and Texas Governor Rick Perry’s single largest political contributor, the late Texas billionaire Harold C. Simmons, founded Waste Control Specialists and used his political influence to get the West Texas nuclear disposal site approved by state and federal licensing officials. The political efforts used to secure the licensing caused years of controversy in Texas. Environmentalists opposed the site because it is on an important aquifer in Texas. Another reason is that one of Simmons’s companies had operated a lead incinerator in Dallas that became an EPA Superfund Site.

Despite this environmental pedigree, LANL and DOE officials chose Waste Control Specialists to administrator their alternative nuclear waste storage site. While technically the company has licenses only for low-level nuclear waste, under its Texas permit, Waste Control can accept certified waste from…

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Hypocrisy of nuclear company Exelon – claims to be ‘green’, while trying to kill wind energy


hypocrisy “The public policy position of Exelon is to oppose subsidies for wind and solar while the company itself purports to be this super-green company and also wants more subsidies for nuclear,” he said. “That’s just hypocritical.” 

Nuclear Giant Exelon Blasts Win, by Elliot Negin, Director of News & Commentary, Union of Concerned Scientists  Corporate executives often tout the benefits of competition in a free-market economic system, but it’s striking just how much large corporations don’t like it. In fact, some companies will do all they can to squash it, lobbying for favors and subsidies while working to deny them to their competitors.

The squabble over a key federal tax break for the wind industry is a case in point. Called the production tax credit (PTC), it has helped quadruple the wind industry’s generation capacity over the last five years, and six states now have enough wind turbines to…

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America’s MOX nuclear waste recycling boondoggle



they must stop making this radioactive trash

Failed Nuclear Weapons Recycling Program Could Put Us All in Danger io9, Mark Strauss, 7 June 14, Some government screw-ups are so epic that they require decades of effort. Such was the case for the recently cancelled plan to convert surplus weapons-grade plutonium into nuclear fuel. Not only did the U.S. waste $4 billion dollars, it increased the likelihood that terrorists could obtain bomb-making materials.

It sounded like a good idea at the beginning. Let’s turn megatons into megawatts!

In 2000, the United States and Russia signed the Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement (PMDA). Each country pledged to dispose of at least 34 metric tons of plutonium from their nuclear weapons programs. U.S. nuclear weapons contain less than four kilograms of plutonium, so the combined total of 68 metric tons is enough for some 17,000 nuclear weapons. Disposing of this plutonium would…

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Kelly McParland: Fear of Putin takes the air out of EU’s anti-oilsands balloon

#AFN2014 – Diversion is the True Art of Deception!

Today’s letters: Tolls are only part of the solution to traffic problems