Billionaire Rinat Akhmetov Seeks to Economically Control Ukraine

Financial Times: Billionaire Rinat Akhmetov seeks greater local control in Ukraine:

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Hidden Data Caps on Internet Use

Watch out for data caps: Video-hungry cord cutters use 328GB a month:

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Americans Make Ends Meet

Report: Growing Number Of Americans Forced To Make Ends Meet By Collaborating On Song With Pitbull:,36023/

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Internet service may soon cost more regardless of FCC’s net neutrality plans


SEC Official Claims Over 50% of Private Equity Audits Reveal Criminal Behavior


Bitcoin Feeds Complaints

In 18 months, feds got nearly 300 complaints about Bitcoin miner maker:

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LoansWarning: Is Islam the Mark of the Beast?

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14 May 2014 12:54 AM PDT 8f82bfbebd4b7299635fbce96c6ec8e2
In the past I have written about my encounters with Christianity, but today I will take the subject even further. I have to believe that if there is a God, there is a Devil and obviously the Devil hates Christianity.

Which brings me to Jesus and Mohammad. Their messages are clearly polar opposites.
For instance, Mohammad ordered people to be brutally stoned to death.
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BukhariVolume 8, Book 82, Number 813:

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

When Ma’iz bin Malik came to the Prophet (in order to confess), the Prophet said to him, “Probably you have only kissed (the lady), or winked, or looked at her?” He said, “No, O Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet said, using no euphemism, “Did you have sexual intercourse with her?” The narrator added: At that, (i.e. after his confession) the Prophet [Muhammad] ordered that he be stoned (to death).


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` Police Raided Journalists Homes and Offices of Aller-Media ‘

#AceFinanceNews – COPENHAGEN – May 14 – Police raided the journalists’ homes and the offices of Aller Media, just  over a week after charging a man for supplying gossip magazine Se & Hoer with  confidential information from an on-line payment company.

One of the men was Ken B. Rasmussen, a former journalist at Se & Hoer who  last month released a purportedly fictional book detailing how the magazine used private credit card information to write stories about members of the  royal family.

Se & Hoer scoops included Denmark’s Prince Joachim’s 2008 honeymoon in  Canada, a story which baffled the tabloid competition at the time since it had  been kept secret.

 The credit card transactions of former Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke  Rasmussen were also said to have been monitored. Actor Mads Mikkelsen is among  a handful of celebrities who have made allegations against Aller Media to the  police.

Copenhagen police said it had searched the offices of Ken B Rasmussen’s  book publisher but added that the company was not suspected of any wrongdoing.

In what has been dubbed “Denmark’s biggest media scandal”, observers have  drawn parallels with Britain’s News of the World, which was shut down by Rupert  Murdoch in July 2011 following allegations of widespread phone hacking.–AFP


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Energy wars

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The Countries of the world have been stripped or their right to self-determination and The Ukraine is no different. The world was in uproar over the decision of the people of The Crimea to leave the control of The Ukraine and return to Mother Russia. The same thing is happening now in The Ukraine as they try to leave the sphere of influence of the E.U. and return to Mother Russia even if it breaks The Ukraine in half. The “cold war” ended with the collapse of the U.S.S.R., the “cold war” was waged on behalf of the people of the former U.S.S.R., the “free world” saw you as an oppressed people who were denied the right of self-determination and democracy. Sort of a good versus evil thing. You now have and have had the right of self-determination and democracy since the fall of the U.S.S.R. or do you and…

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