Flooded by debt in the UK

#AFN2014 – Debt Book is X so we will Borrow Y to Repay X and have Enough to Lend! Better known as piling on the pain whilst lining the Bankers pockets with the interest.



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` European Union not Happy with Russia’s Uniform Gas Pricing as a One Price Suits All Policy ‘

#AceFinanceNews – BRUSSELS – May 09 – Russian Ambassador to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said EU governments and energy companies are not happy with the idea of uniform price for Russian gas.

“EU Energy Commissioner [Gunther] Oettinger’s idea to fix a uniform gas price for all EU members does not make EU governments or companies very happy,” Chizhov told Russian reporters.

“Also, it contradicts the entire philosophy of the EU energy policy, about which Mr Oettinger makes constant and pretentious declarations concerning the need of competition on the European market,” the envoy said. “That is, he is opposed to Gazprom’s monopoly yet support the monopoly of the European Commission. That European consumers will find this price advantageous is far from certain.”

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