US Economy Is A House Of Cards

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Source:Paul Craig Roberts
The US economy is a house of cards. Every aspect of it is fraudulent, and the illusion of recovery is created with fraudulent statistics.

American capitalism itself is an illusion. All financial markets are rigged. Massive liquidity poured into financial markets by the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing inflates stock and bond prices and drives interest rates, which are supposed to be a measure of the cost of capital, to zero or negative, with the implication that capital is so abundant that its cost is zero and can be had for free. Large enterprises, such as mega-banks and auto manufacturers, that go bankrupt are not permitted to fail. Instead, public debt and money creation are used to cover private losses and keep corporations “too big to fail” afloat at the expense not of shareholders but of people who do not own the shares of the corporations.

Profits are…

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` Larry Gillette Serving a Sentence for Identity Theft Planned to Blow-Up Walmart to Cover-Up Bank Robberies ‘

#AceFinanceNews – UNITED STATES – May 04 – According to federal agents, 53-year-old Larry Gillette, who was serving a sentence for identity theft, told several inmates that he planned to blow up a Walmart and two gas stations as a diversion for three bank robberies once he left prison.

An anonymous federal law enforcement source speaking to reporters from Kiro Radio also stated that Gillette had plans to blow up Seattle’s iconic Space Needle, although the FBI has yet to comment on the claims.

Upon his release, Gillette unknowingly met with an undercover officer and received four inoperable pistols as well as a defective car bomb. Reports state that Gillette met with the officer a second time on April 28 and attempted to detonate the bomb before being arrested by the FBI.

“This certainly had the potential to be very devastating and dangerous and he was certainly the driving force,” Asst. U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Backhus told Komo 4 News last Thursday.

“The FBI was in charge of the situation the entire time. There was no threat to the public that we believe of because they were in charge of the situation but certainly, potentially, there was a great chance for loss of life.”

Less than a week later, Gillette would be found dead in his cell at the Seatac Federal Detention Centre.

The U.S. Bureau of Prisons announced the death the following day, saying hospital workers were unsuccessful in their attempts to revive Gillette from a suspected suicide.

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#AceHistory2Research SALT LAKE CITY A $10 Mormon gold…


Minimum Wage Supported A Family of Three People In 1968!

#AFN2014 – Great post and relates as much to the UK as it does the US! It is particularly scary to track-back and work out – what l could buy for a minimum wage in 1968. In the UK l was earning the minimum at 16 of £2.50 as an apprentice and it paid me dad £1.00 for food and board then 50p was saved and £1.00 paid my travel to work.
Now it barely buys a cheap loaf of bread and pack of butter.

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