#AceFinanceNews MOSCOW April 11 Russian President Vladimir Putin…

#AceFinanceNews – MOSCOW – April 11 – Russian President Vladimir Putin earned 3.672.208 roubles (approximately $103,060) in 2013 according to his tax declaration published by the Kremlin press service on Friday.

The president’s income dropped by 2 million 118 thousand roubles (approximately $ 59.441) from 5 million 790 thousand 823 roubles (approximately $162.519), which means 482.500 roubles a month or approximately $13.541, in 2012 to 3. 672. 208 roubles (approximately $103.060) in 2013.

Putin’s 2013 tax declaration did not contain information on his spouse for the first time following Putin’s official divorce with his wife Lyudmila last year. Her contribution to the family budget used to account for 121.374 roubles (approximately $ 3.406) in 2012.

The tax declaration does not mention Putin’s daughters – Maria, 28, and Katerina, 27, although bureaucrats are obliged to declare information on their family members, including grown up children.

The number of immovable property registered to Putin’s name increased last year. He still owns two apartments (one 77 square meters flat is his private property; Putin has an accommodation right to the second apartment of 153.7 square meters); the president also owns a garage and has the right to use a garage unit.

As for cars, Putin still owns two rare Volga brands (GAZ M21 and GAZ M21), a NIVA car and a Skiff (Scythian) automobile trailer.

Russian Tax Authorities – Kremlin Press Service