` Naftogaz Ukrainy is Prepared to buy `Natural Gas ‘ In Reverse Mode ‘ from `European Countries’ and Delivered to the Ukraine ‘

#AceFinanceNews – KIEV- April 01 – Ukrainian national joint stock company Naftogaz Ukrainy is prepared to buy natural gas that will be delivered to the country in the reverse mode from European countries to Ukraine, Chairman of Naftogaz Board Andrey Kobolev told a news conference on Tuesday.

“We are prepared to buy gas from any company that will offer the lowest price,” he said. Kobolev noted that the maximum price at which Naftogaz was prepared to buy fuel was the imported Russian gas price.

The company is negotiating with Germany to become “a direct buyer” of fuel without a scheme of mediators, the Naftogaz board chairman said.

Meanwhile, he added that several gas traders had contracts with Germany, so, Naftogaz still hoped to start fuel purchases from that country on the border with Ukraine.

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