` German Finance Ministry ` European Central Bank ‘ to raise ` Interest Rates ‘ citing an internal Document ‘

#AceFinanceNews – ECB – March 30 – Experts at the German finance ministry expect the European Central Bank to raise key interest rates soon due to the economy picking up, a German news weekly said on Sunday, citing an internal document –

With the Eurozone debt crisis increasingly fading and an improving economy, “an active contribution to the overcoming of the low interest policy is to be expected” from the ECB, Spiegel quoted the ministry document as saying.

That will lead to Germany having to pay more for its loans in a year’s time than it currently does, according to the experts at Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s ministry.

The ECB has held its key interest rates at an all-time low of 0.25 percent since November and analysts do not expect a cut by the Frankfurt-based bank at its meeting this week.


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` Oil Tycoon ` Mikhail Khodorkovsky ‘ has been `Granted ‘ a `One-Year Permit ‘ in Canton St Gallen Switzerland ‘

#AceFinanceNews – GENEVA – March 30 – Former Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been granted a one-year resident permit in Switzerland and plans to settle in Canton St. Gallen, Switzerland’s migration authorities said on Sunday.

“His application was approved,” Martin Reichlin, a spokesman for the Federal Migration Office, told Itar-Tass over the phone, adding that Khodorkovsky’s one-year resident permit could be prolonged.

The permit was granted to Khodorkovsky on March 27. According to Reichlin, the 50-year-old former Russian oligarch has opted to settle in St. Gallen, since his family is living in this canton.

At the same time, Reichlin did not rule out that Khodorkovsky had been guided by considerations of favourable taxation environment.


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