#AceFinanceNews SIMFEROOL March 29

#AceFinanceNews – SIMFEROOL – March 29

The banking system in Crimea, which separated from Ukraine and rejoined Russia after a secession referendum on March 16, will start operating at full capacity from March 31,Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov said.

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` Rosneft considering ` Several Options ‘ for ` Participation in Oil Projects ‘ in Iraq ‘

#AceFinanceNews – BASRA – March 29 – The Russian oil company Rosneft is considering several options for participating in oil projects in Iraq, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said.

“Rosneft is considering participating in several projects in Iraq. Our companies always respect the laws of the countries where they work. Rosneft will do the same,” he said.

Rosneft is eyeing the possibility of joining the Nasiriyah project, which calls for extracting oil and building an oil refinery in Iraq.

The Russian company may also partner with American Exxon for a joint project in Iraq’s Kurdistan.
Dvorkovich also said several Russian energy companies, including Inter RAO and Technopromimport, might build thermal power plants in Iraq.

Russian Oil and Media Sources


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` Ukrainian Oligarch and Confectionery Tycoon `Pytro Poroshenko ‘ will finance his own Presidency Campaign ‘

#AceFinanceNews – KIEV- March 29 – Ukrainian oligarch and confectionery industry tycoon Pytro Poroshenko, who is going to run for presidency in the May 25 early election, told a congress of right-wing UDAR Party under-way in Kiev that he was going to finance his electoral campaign with his private monies.

He said it at a news conference after the closure of the congress where a decision was taken to nominate him for presidency.

“This campaign will be financed exclusively with my own money,” Poroshenko said. “

All the taxes have been paid on it.”


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` Ukraine's State Corporation ` Ukroboronprom ' has stopped supplying `Weaponry and Defence Technologies ' to Russia '

#AceFinanceNews – KIEV, March 29 – Ukraine’s state corporation Ukroboronprom has stopped supplies of weaponry and defense technologies to Russia, the Acting Director General of the corporation, Yuri Tereshchenko has told ZN.UA internet portal.

“Already today we don’t supply weaponry and defence technologies to Russia and our relations will remain frozen until the moment of de-escalation of the conflict,” he said.

Tereshchenko believes that relations with Russia in the sphere of economic and defence cooperation should be considered at the highest state level and at the National Security and Defence Council.

Tass – Russian Media


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` Russia and North Korea are Planning to Commence Trading in ` Rubles ' According to Galushka '

#AceFinanceNews – MOSCOW – March 29 – Russia and North Korea may soon carry out all trade operations in Russian roubles, said Aleksandr Galushka, Russia’s Minister of the Development of the Far East.

“The sides decided to carry out mutual trade on a new level by increasing the volume up to $1 billion by 2020,” he added.

According to Galushka, this step would solve the problems of interbank cooperation between the countries.

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