` Trading in the Crimea will be a ` Game ‘ of ` Two Halves ‘ either Good for Russia or Great for Crimea ‘

#AceFinanceNews – SIMFEROPOL,- March 26 – Andrei Belyaninov, the head of the Russian Federal Customs Service, said on Wednesday that the geography of Russia’s foreign trade could change thanks to Crimean ports.

“I am sure that Russia will have new partners because it has obtained a great number of ports together with Crimea’s incorporation.

They include two deep-water ports like Sevastopol and Yevpatoriya,” Belyaninov said in an interview with Itar-Tass and CrimeaInform news agencies after his visit to the Crimean peninsula.

Belyaninov said the trade with Russia accounted for a huge share in Crimea’s foreign trade.

Those figures automatically fell out of Crimea’s foreign trade statistics after the peninsula’s incorporation into Russia.

The Federal Customs Service chief noted a temporary decline in Crimea’s trade with other foreign partners who were watching how the political situation was unfolding on the peninsula.

“It is absolutely clear that Crimea is Russian and will remain such forever.

So the question when trade is going to reach its former volumes is just a matter of time,” Belyaninov said.

He found it hard to say what trade volumes could go through the Crimean customs in a short-term perspective.


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