` Price of ` Russian Gas ‘ to the `Ukraine ‘ could rise to $500 per 1,000 Cubic litres due to Continuing Uncertainty’

#AceFinanceNews – The price of Russian gas to Ukraine could rise to $500 per 1,000 cubic meters, as future developments in relations between Moscow and Kiev remain vague.

From April 1 the price Ukraine pays for Russian gas will go up to $360-$370 per 1,000 cubic metres, after Russia cancelled the discount agreed in late December, Pavel Zavalny, the head of Russian Gas Society told Izvestia newspaper.

In the worst case scenario, and Ukraine decides to take over Russian property, as well as new threats from radical nationalists, the price could jump to as high as to $500, the paper added.

Such a price rise may take place if the Kharkov agreement of 2010 is cancelled. Under its terms, Russia allowed a $100 discount to Ukraine for keeping its fleet in the Crimea, Izvestia quotes its source in Gazprom as saying.

“The discount of $100 was connected with the Russian fleet’s stay in the territory of Ukraine. Now, when circumstances change, it’s a big question, whether we can keep it in the future,” the Minister of Energy of Ukraine Yury Prodan said.

Gazprom has until April 10 to decide a new price.

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` Russian Bank is named as ` Bank Rossiya ' the US Treasury has Confirmed '

#AceFinanceNews – Moscow – March 20. – Russian President Vladimir Putin, – A White House official said the latest wave of US sanctions targeted 20 Russian individuals with interests in the Crimea.

The Russian bank being targeted – for supporting government officials – is Bank Rossiya, the US Treasury said.

Background : Bank Rossiya – Rossiya is a universal financial credit institution offering a full range of banking services to corporate and private clients. As one of the first Russian private banks in 1990 of Rossiya multiplies its assets and liabilities are made on time to customers.

Since the foundation of the activities of Rossiya aimed at supporting enterprises major industries.

The development strategy of the Bank, on the one hand, combines intelligent and time-proven conservative, and on the other is the flexibility in fiscal policy, timely and large-scale development of new products and technologies.

The Bank is always committed to the principles of maximum efficiency of the business, carrying out strategic investments in various sectors of the economy. To date, the banking group is the most dynamically developing SOGAZ Insurance Group, a group of leasing companies Zest, National Media Group, which includes REN-TV, TRC 5th channel and of Channel, a number of service companies.

Among the 20 individuals facing sanctions are members of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. March 20 – 17.57 GMT – http://wp.me/p165ui-4r0

They include his chief of staff Sergei Ivanov and wealthy businessmen Arkady Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko.

Those targeted will be unable to make transactions in dollars, will have any assets in the US frozen and will be barred from doing business in the US.


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` Russian Defence Official has said that `Moscow’ will not accept `France’s ‘ threat to Mothball its Order of Two Mistral Warship’s’

#AceFinanceNews – A senior Russian defence official has said that Moscow won’t simply accept France’s threat to mothball its order of two Mistral warships following events in Crimea.

“There is no doubt the Russian side will defend its rights … and will demand compensation for all losses we might sustain if the Mistral contract is breached,”

Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov told RIA news agency.

Russia says it has already paid more than 700 million euros for the order, and as well as returning the money, France would be obliged to pay additional penalties according to the terms of the contract.


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#AceFinanceNews The Russian rouble will officially adopted in…

#AceFinanceNews – The Russian rouble will officially adopted in Crimea on March 24, Crimean State Council (parliament) Chairman Vladimir Konstantinov said on Thursday, March 20.

“The rouble is already here.

All operations will be carried out in roubles from Monday March 24 .

Payments, pensions and salaries will be paid in roubles,” he added.

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` Obama's Blacklist Grows with `Further Restrictions ' with one ` Russian Bank ' though he Declines to Disclose the Name'


` Russian Policemen have transferred money to the aid of `Berkut and Ukrainian ‘ Policemen affected by Disorders’

#AceFinanceNews – Moscow – March 20. – About 100,000 Russian policemen have transferred money to an account in aid for Berkut members and other Ukrainian policemen affected by disorders in the country, an official at the Russian Interior Ministry’s press centre told reporters on Thursday.

The money are transferred to the account of the service of social and legal protection of Interior Ministry personnel to provide aid for the colleagues from the Berkut unit and other Ukrainian police units, the official said.

In the Voronezh Region alone, more than 10,000 policemen decided to help Berkut members, and more than 12,000 joined the initiative in the Rostov Region.

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` Businessman ` Sergei Polonsky ' on `International Wanted ' list suspected of `Stealing ' 150 Million Rouble's from Investor's '

#AceFinanceNews – Moscow – March 20 – Russian businessman Sergei Polonsky, who is currently in Cambodia, is suspected of stealing more than 150 million roubles from housing construction investors as part of a new criminal investigation opened against him, an Interior Ministry spokesman told Interfax.

“In February 2014, the Investigative Department of the Russian Interior Ministry opened a criminal inquiry into the misappropriation of funds worth over 150 million roubles from investors in the Rublyovskaya Riviera residential complex,” he said.

“The investigation has established that in 2008 Sergei Polonsky misappropriated the aforementioned funds through the Mirax Build company, a member of the Mirax Group Corporation, under his control,” the spokesman said.

Polonsky, who is already on the international most wanted list, is also suspected of misappropriating shareholders’ money during the construction of the Kutuzovskaya Milya residential complex, he said.

Polonsky was imprisoned in Cambodia from December 31, 2012, until April 3, 2013, on the counts of violence against local sailors.

He was facing up to three years in prison but the defence team came to an agreement with the sailors, who did not press charges and received compensation from Polonsky.

The businessman was released with travel restrictions but his case was not closed.


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BRICS Economic Forum : ` Economic Insecurity Accelerates the Establishment of a `BRICS Development Bank ‘ – Closer ‘

#AceFinanceNews – A high level of mutual understanding among the experts of the five countries on key problems became the distinguishing feature of the 6th Academic Forum of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), which ended on Wednesday, Vyacheslav Nikonov, leader of the Russian delegation at the forum, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, and Chairman of the Board of the Russian National Commmittee for BRICS Studies, told Itar-Tass.

“There is an unspoken understanding, there is no need to reiterate the problems that gave rise to arguments at previous meetings when the elaboration of documents proceeded with difficulty,” he pointed out.
Nikonov said,

“Matters concerning economic security in a broad sense were of particular importance” to the Russian experts. “This refers to problems connected with a de-dollarization of the economies and mutual settlements, the task of an accelerated establishment of a BRICS Development Bank which could implement projects regardless of the attitude of the financial institutions of the West, the formation of a BRICS Stabilization Fund, the use of national currencies in mutual and multilateral settlements, and matters that have a bearing on the de-dollarization of gold-and-currency reserves,” the Russian delegation leader explained.


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