Taiwanese Students protesting ` Trade Deal ‘ with `China ` storm the Legislative Chamber ‘

#AceFinanceNews – About 200 Taiwanese students have stormed the legislative chamber late Tuesday to protest a trade deal with China, which gives the country too much economic influence over its neighbour, Reuters reports.

They were met with police resistance inside, but stood their ground.

The trade deal was initially reviewed by Taiwan’s Nationalist Party without addressing opposition concerns about the country’s economy.

Since the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, Taiwan’s nationalist government has escaped Chinese Communists to hold dominion over its own land.

China, however, has never formally turned back on its attitude of treating Taiwan as a renegade province, and tactics like military force for restoring ownership have not officially been ruled out.

The two have held their first direct talks in February, widely seen as a progressive step towards diplomacy that goes beyond mere trade relations.


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