Rewriting History: Architects of the Financial Crisis Recast as Saviors by Corporate Media

Stop Making Sense

ZO001From I Acknowledge:

Since the Financial Crisis of 2007/8, efforts have been made to rewrite a crisis of greed and corruption in the Financial Services industry, it’s regulators and government – into a crisis of over generous welfare systems, or lazy unemployed people, or immigrants. Worse, the wealthy architects of the disaster are using the media to recast themselves from chief villains, into heroes. There is no better example, than that of Former Secretary of the Treasury and Goldman Sachs disaster banker Henry ‘Hank Paulson’.

Goldman Sachs played a key role in the crisis, making huge profits in the derivatives trades which busted the global financial system.  The CEO at the time of this egregious behaviour was one Hank Paulson.  Mr Paulson oversaw the sale of dodgy derivatives to pension firms, local governments and other misinformed investors.  The bank also, appearing to foresee the crisis, sold more than $3bn…

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