Spanish banks make people homeless

#AFN2014 says no surprise that their massive indebtedness to other banks, will cause them to get people out of their homes. Also changes to the `Spanish Land Laws’ will enable the government to take control of their land.

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This is a video from Spain, about the eviction of disabled Antonio Argobia.

By Carlos Hernández and Alejandro López in Spain:

Hundreds of thousands evicted in Spain since 2008 crash

19 February 2014

The brutal consequences of evictions being carried in Spain by the banks in collaboration with the courts and police was evidenced once again recently when Antonio Argobia, a chronically ill and disabled 54-year-old, was thrown out of his home in the working class neighbourhood of Lavapiés in Madrid.

Two weeks ago, in the early morning, police cordoned off the street where Argobia rented an apartment and refused entrance to anyone who could not prove they lived or worked there, attempting to pre-empt an anti-eviction demonstration of the type that has become so common in Spain.

Soon after, a group of riot police broke down the door of Argobia’s apartment with a battering ram without any prior negotiation…

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