Banks Throw Hissy Fit After Elizabeth Warren Endorses Idea to Allow Post Office to Offer Financial Services

#AceFinanceNews says `Anything that stops the #banksters having controlled is a good idea – but they will buy their support from congress, well as l posted earlier over 50% of congress already have that status ‘
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It’s time Americans had access to low-cost financial alternatives.

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The U.S. postal service inspector general put out a report last week suggesting an intriguing way to shore up the ailing institution’s finances: Let the mailman double as a bank teller.

The plan? The post office would offer services designed to appeal to America’sunbanked and under-banked — the more than 50 million adults who either have no checking or savings account, or use high-cost, predatory services like payday loans to supplement traditional banking needs.

This sounds like a win-win. Americans — particularly low-income Americans — clearly need greater access to low-cost financial services. At the same time, many financial institutions have been complaining for years that providing banking services to low-income Americans is…

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The Tory ideological mission

#AceFinanceNews says `Tories only ever cared about the `RICH’ and the rest could be put out to pasture’ The ironic thing is so many people are like `Sheep’ following the wrong Shepherd and Believing what they tell Us’
One day soon everyone will wake up and see the #truth and the light will be let into them, as my friend #shauny says #prayingfortheday
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Nobody should be surprised that the Tory party serve the interests of the wealthy minority.

The fact that the Tory led government is packed full of millionaires who buy into the “greed is a virtue” philosophy ofneoliberalism is one strong indicator that the serving of wealthy establishment interests should be expected. Another, even stronger indicator is the fact that the Tory party is funded by a rogues gallery of tax-dodgers, banksters, private health interests and landed gentry.

The Tory party is absolutely crammed with people suffering a smug sense of superiority over the masses. These people believe that they are special and a cut above the rest, because they’re rich, because they’ve been Eton & Oxbridge educated, because they were born into establishment families, or perhaps (like Iain Duncan Smith) because they suffer a misanthropic hatred for most of…

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Hypocritical Tories plan attack on pensioners while protecting themselves

#AceFinanceNews says” Please READ this Post” – Revealing is not the Word!
l was not aware of the structure of pensions ,so l really learned a lot about rich and poor. #mustread

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Someone's raiding the pensions piggy-bank: Government changes mean the rich will be subsidised by the poor. Someone’s raiding the pensions piggy-bank: Government changes mean the rich will be subsidised by the poor.

It seems the Conservatives cannot wait to betray their most loyal voting group. If you are a pensioner – beware!

As trailed on Vox Political last November, the Department for Work and Pensions appears to be planning to delete the cold weather payment from its chequebook, along with free bus passes and free TV licences.

We already know that the age at which the state pension will be paid is rising, meaning people will have to continue working for longer before they qualify for the £144/week payment (with a minimum National Insurance record of 30 full years). This is a betrayal of promises made by both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats in their document ‘The Coalition: Our Programme for Government’.

Because life expectancy depends on where you live and your social class, this means…

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