Slave #Britain: The man who discovered the bedroom tax loophole (#ids #welfare #bedroomtax)

#AceFinanceNews says about time ” People Got Back Money Off This Government” #bedroomtax

Order Of Truth

Stop-The-Bedroom-Tax-2070513‘Tenants who have occupied the same property continuously and taken housing benefit for it since 1996 should never have been included in the bedroom tax policy.’

The loophole in the government policy was discovered by Peter Barker, a consultant on housing policy, from Romford and was put on his Rights Net blog – which immediately went viral.

His findings mean that around 40,000 can appeal to get their money back from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Last week the Government conceded that Mr Barker was onto something, issuing a circular telling councils that exempted tenants should be refunded all money deducted under the policy since 1 April.

For many people, the draconian social engineering policy of the government has already caused considerable distress and financial hardship. Families who have lived in the same home for decades have been forced to move to smaller accommodation, often moving from secure accommodation…

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