‘Hope to be bankrupt for Christmas’: Irish mortgage debtors see insolvency as way out

#AceDebtNews says “Irish Mortgage Debtor’s” see Insolvency as a way out of their debts. Of course once insolvent you cannot get credit again under UK Law – so better to request ” An Arrangement with Your Creditors” and then agree a new contract – but never miss an agreed payment otherwise the lender will return to the “Original Payment Arrangement and Add back missed Repayments and Add Compound Interest for every day! #DRAP

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Local Courts tossing people in Debtors Prison

#aceDebtNews says ” Local Courts Tossing People Into Debtors Prison” According to a post from #americaforchange many people unable to pay their fines are being imprisoned, by the “State of Pennsylvania” read more at his site. #unfairness

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