Gold & Silver Smashdown=Mining Industry Collapse

AceFinanceNews says l saw this coming months ago and advised people l knew NOT to pay too higher price ,but many companies pushed and pushed, and they thought l will miss the boat #Greed

One Year Later Hundreds Of Millions In “Superstorm Sandy” Aid Sits Unused

#AceWorldNews says one Year on and Aid for “Hurricane Sandy” is still sitting in their bank #charity


The Non-Storm Over Stalled Sandy Aid



” Remember how the year started? With local Republicans joining Democrats to trash the House GOP for not waving through $60 billion in federal aid for Superstorm Sandy?

Long Island Rep. Peter King accused his fellow Republicans of having “put a knife in the back of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans.” His colleague from Staten Island, Michael Grimm, called it a “betrayal.” NJ Gov. Chris Christie called it “disgusting.” In the end, the piling on had its effect, and the aid bill sailed through, loaded with pork.”



” Now comes news that $648 million of this money meant for housing recovery sits largely unused, with only one woman in Staten Island having received funds.

This is exactly what’s wrong with our politics: All the emphasis is put on the symbolism of “doing something” — by which is often meant throwing taxpayer…

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This Can’t End Well: Debt Slaves Won’t Make Effective Freedom Fighters

#AceDebtNews says after 25 years plus getting people out of debt, the main reason l am told that they borrow, is simply because they want, what the other people have got , it is #avarice