Fast-Food Chains Costing Taxpayers the Most Money


Fast Food Industry Giant McDonald’s Cost to the US Taxpayers Close to $1.28 Billion each year!

The fast-food industry is one of the nation’s largest employers of low and minimum wage workers. According to one group, often the industry workers’ pay is not enough and many turn to government programs for assistance. In fact the group calculated the largest of these companies, McDonald’s, cost U.S. taxpayers close to $3.8 billion each year. According to the National Employment Law Project’s newest report, because the fast-food industry pays its workers less than a living wage, U.S. taxpayers must foot the bill in the form of the public assistance programs these workers must use to get by. McDonald’s alone, according to the group, cost taxpayers $1.2 billion last year. These are the fast-food chains costing taxpayers the most money.

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Courtesy of: JON C. OGG

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